• like children...
    We have always
    dreamt of the impossible
  • We have always searched
    for innovations...
  • We have always cared
    about creative ideas.
  • To expand and develop
    our cooperation...
  • We will keep on offering
    custom tailored solutions
    for you...

Bright and innovative ideas

Bright and innovative ideas stave off mediocrity and always create a difference. Our values of Intellectual Property not only promote innovation and creativity but also make positive contributions to life.

Think about the inventions that make our lives easier: vaccine, compass, electricity, airplane, telephone, radio, television, computer and internet. Can you imagine how life would have been if they had never existed? What about the innovations that followed them...

Our priority is to produce professional and economical solutions to ensure protection of your creative and innovative ideas.

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2. National Universities Patent Competition Applications Started! Awards are waiting for you

President of TURKPATENT Dr. Habip ASAN, at the meeting organized